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Currently there are many data recovery software professionally as Recuva, Wondershare Data Recovery, Undelete Plus … If the economy does not allow, you can select the data recovery software for free, also if condition Please put money out to use data recovery software take charge. The same choice for themselves good data recovery software to undelete images, videos, text on the device.

There are a lot of you ask: does deleted data on your computer can retrieve, restore or not? Taimienphi please answer you get is, however, not everyone can restore data, retrieve all deleted data on your computer, depending on the complexity that has different processing ways

1. Recuva (free of charge)
Recuva is currently data recovery software free, Recuva brings full-featured than the other available free software, is even much better. Users to recover data with Recuva can recover deleted data, wrong format on your computer, USB DRIVE, memory card, … the type of files including files, pictures, videos, email, …

Recuva to the function details, the simple Bureau will help those who first use is not difficult, though, you should also see the article: how to install and how to use Recuva we introduced previously

2. Wondershare Data Recovery (trial)
>> Download Wondershare Data Recovery
>> data rescue Guide by WonderShare Data Recovery
If the data need is material that are small can fully use Wondershare Data Recovery trial version because this software allows you to recover a maximum of 100 MB when using try. 
Though little known in Vietnam complete Wondershare Data Recovery also has many outstanding features such as multiple search methods, identify and recover the data in many cases, multiple modes such as: looking for the missing files by answering questions Privacy; recover deleted files, format the same file name and the path of the root; recover corrupted or lost partitions with data; thoroughly scan and recover data even when the file system is corrupt.

Wondershare Data Recovery also continuously improved algorithms to recover the data on the failed hard drive, partition error, on the external storage devices like USB, portable hard drive or a memory card … with fast speed depending on the number and size the file is deleted.

3. Undelete Plus (trial)

Like Recover My Files, Undelete Plus also has a function to search and recover all of the deleted data on a partition, recovered the deleted data by DOS commands, or deleted using Shift + Delete key combination or deleted files from the Recycle Bin.

After the scan is complete, the utility will automatically list the deleted files according to each group based on the type of file, show the detailed parameters attached as the last updated time, file name, … Undelete Plus has the ability to search on your computer with different hard disk format NTFS, FAT, on the external storage device.
See the details and download the latest version of Undelete Plus

4. DiskGetor Data Recovery (trial)

DiskGetor Data Recovery function to recover the deleted data, lost, corrupted or format on all formatting hard drive partitions. The file can be found as documents, sound files, videos, photos …

This utility has the ability to recover all the data including individual files or directories are available. DiskGetor Data Recovery, is of exclusive loc tool allow recover the old data overwritten by scanning sector on the hard drive and external storage devices, search and recover the data.

5. DataRecovery (free of charge)

Datarecovery is designed and developed to recover deleted data or lost due to various reasons in the hard drive. Recover the data on the device supports NTFS protocol such as hard drives, USB, memory card, portable hard drive … Recover text, install the software, the Media file …

You can optionally choose to retrieve a file, a directory or entire data being lost in a hard drive. Datarecovery have time to scan the data quite fast, show details of the parameters associated with each data right in the queue of the program as the file name, directory name, format, or size.

Above are five of the many software has the ability to restore data efficiently not only on computers but also on the external storage devices like USB, portable hard drive or Flash memory card.
In addition to this software, you can download the software to recover the data on the And currently receive giveaway promotion code software copyright Amazing Dr. Recovery for free which you can read in our possession! more detailed articles, software copyright Amazing Dr. Recovery, recover data.
To restore more data for can you if you do not have much understanding of computer software should seek better qualified ones, or with lost data extremely necessary

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