Tip to restore the deleted application

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When Miss hand deleting the wrong key applications on smartphone, all relevant data will be cleared. How to restore and limited status on?
With the iPhone, if uninstall the application in the normal way, all relevant data will be cleared. Therefore, in case the wish to keep the data, you see the Settings (settings) > General (General settings) > iPhone Storage (iPhone), select the application to delete and hit the Offload App (uninstall) instead of Delete App (delete the application) as before. When you want to reinstall the deleted application, you simply open the App Store, click the image in the top right corner and select Purchased > Not on this iPhone, then touch the cloud icon to install. At this time the whole of the old data will be automatically restored.

Similarly, if you are using the Android device, you open Google Apps Play, click the menu icon in the top left corner and select My apps & games (my games and applications). After that, users simply switch the card Library (library) to review the list of downloaded software before. When you want to reinstall, you click the Install button and wait a moment until the end of this process. If you are using your computer, you open a browser and access https://play.google.com, click my applications > application in the upper left corner, select the device that is using and then proceed with the installation.


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