The virus attacks the Petrwrap series of extortion and ransom using Bitcoin

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The new blackmail virus named Petrwrap (WannaCry-like) just attack, cause paralyzed many banks, airports, ATM and some large businesses in Europe.

The virus attacks the Petrwrap series of extortion and ransom using Bitcoin

According to The Verge, a new blackmail virus (Ransomware) recently attacked and made many public offices, companies in Europe to halt the operation. In it, the most influential was recorded in Ukraine when the Central Bank, the national telecommunications network, MTR to the airport Boryspil in Kiev had to pause operation. Even, it did influence many ATM and major commercial center in the country.

Influence of the attacks also spread out all of Europe when company transporting Danish goods, Maersk, and another company in Russia said many of them have collapsed. Server of the Rosneft oil company (Russia) also were attacked during and not yet estimated the extent of damage. In addition, some public companies headquartered in the US also noted similar attacks from a new type of malicious code extortion.

An expert from Kaspersky Lab said the virus created mass attacks on named Petrwrap, variations from malicious code blackmail named Petya ever discovered from the March. Now only 4 of 61 security tools can detect the virus. How the spread of the virus to be blackmail is similar dangerous WannaCry when based on Eternal Blue security vulnerabilities of the Windows operating system.

In the course of infection, the virus will encrypt your data Petrwrap the computer and ask for ransom by the equivalent of about $300, Bitcoin. According to The Verge, as of the end of 27/6 (now Vietnam), it has made 8 trades ransom with a total amount of about $2,300.

At present, yet there are clear ways to prevent and stop the spread of this new type of malicious code extortion.

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