Social network Facebook confusion due to virus attack and infect very fast

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From the beginning of the year, the network community is not out of the question when it discovered some unusual signs path was put up his Facebook account. The Link path like that of the form http://www. ** *.com was introduced is the connection with the piece of news, images, Video clips, are attracting users.

Social network Facebook confusion due to virus attack and infect very fast

This game is too familiar but because of the appeal of the content “solicitation” should remain sufficient to attract the curiosity of many people. Of course, when click on them, users are directed to a Web page containing relevant and no risk of infection of viruses and malware. More worrying, they automatically move to the other account to infect.

Nick Sonbkpro on Forum VN-Zoom recounts: “I see the link guess is questionable but for curiosity click try see what would happen and the result is that it constantly requires window ask install extensions , doing nothing is, in Cmd shortcuts Chrome (the browser Chrome-NV) also are not. Was at one time the Chrome itself off and takes most of the Add-ons “.

The victim, even crash the computer crashes and loss of your Facebook account. Also on the Forum VN-Zoom, Tieuphuthuy members share about his accident: “the situation is you focusing on Facebook, accidentally click the wrong link on wall in a home child you (link record something that Gangnamstyle … should e mistakenly link the music clip).

After I click Spam hanging air always, to restart the computer. After booting the machine, go back to Facebook, it report: your account is temporarily locked “. This netizens adds: “along with the applications you install on Google Chrome take clean, the ID and Pass that I save available when logging on Google Chrome also lost. I just scan whole computer virus by AVG, no virus found “.

Before the status on some tech page, giving warn users should not click to select the installation of additional applications when opening the link in question on Faccebook. Accordingly, want remedial experience, users should use the virus scanning program to handle or according to the way Facebook virus tutorial here

As Facebook becomes an integral part of many members on the virtual world, so rampant viral status on this social networking is quickly being discussed in the forums in the country such as: VN-Zoom, Vietdesigner, EOFFICE, Thegioitinhoc … In addition, the risk on longer be warned by the Pro page, Forum and technology netizens in many countries.

Not only that, not just users that Facebook itself also be trouble related to viruses and hackers. July 16.1, UPI citation Facebook admits the company has been hackers attack. By then, the virus has penetrated into the computer of some Facebook employees. However, the attack was discovered should not yet members would lose information or data.

Up to date news, Reuters 21.2 Facebook recently suspended to allow users access to the website of the tv channel NBC (USA). The decision was taken after this site is hidden not yet risk spreading the virus. Before the latest happenings, the virus again becomes a regular hazard of netizens, especially the social network users have wide connection properties such as Facebook.

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