Russian hacker Bogachev world most dangerous are being wanted by FBI

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According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, is the notorious Russian Hackers Bogachev being the FBI looking for intensive and is wanted with a reward of up to 3 million because of suspicion of the US presidential election results-2016. Hackers are “working under the supervision by a special unit of the FSB” (Russia’s main intelligence agency)

Russian hacker Bogachev world most dangerous are being wanted by FBI

A former Assistant in charge of the FBI’s network security also revealed to the New York Times that, Bogachev are receiving the “intelligence packages” for Russia, targeted economic and other problems, and are protected from the Kremlin.

Full name is Evgeniy Bogachev Mikhailovich Bogachev, 33 years old, using many different nicknames such as “lucky12345,” “Pollingsoon”, “”, slavik was FBI reviews most dangerous hackers today. Before known, this Hacker ever created and sell malware on some web black (dark).

However, this famous Hacker when creating Zeus GameOver-malicious code has to infiltrate bank accounts in 12 countries and steal the money of hundreds of millions of dollars. In the U.S. alone, Grams Over Zeus has infected more than 1 million computers of thousands of small businesses and stealing more than 100 million USD. It is also the highest number of computers that Hackers control.

Not only GameOver Bogachev, Zeus was also the author of Ransomware CryptoLocker (virus malicious code extortion). When your computer is infected with this blackmail software, its owner will not be able to access the documents on their computers, unless spent a sum of ransom. Bogachev was earning an estimated amount of US $27 million in less than two months from CryptoLocker.

The year 2011 is the year for which Bogachev received orders related to politics. , 12/2016, Hacker and 5 others were wanted by the FBI since that they have hand in u.s. presidential elections. Private Bogachev wanted with a reward of up to 3 million and is the most expensive network crime of the FBI. However, this name was said to be still living the high life to in Anapa, a resort town on the Black Sea, southern Russia. In addition to the luxury apartment difference Bogachev, also a collection of expensive cars and a yacht.

There is much doubt that the Russians are hiring Hacker from Dark Web. The FBI suspected the FSB instead of arresting the criminal element of danger are transferred through leveraging their abilities for its own purposes. “Almost the hackers are America announced wanted and receive special attention from the Russian Government. They are fully supported on engineering and logistics “, Arkady Bukh-a lawyer in New York, who frequently represents the Russian hackers arrested in America said.

A law enforcement officer of the United States of America, as well as network security company Fox-IT’s said that the Russian Government is interested in the intelligence information related to the Ukraine and the USA. To perform a Italy map, Russia has gained a good Hacker, including network criminals are wanted, for them a life of luxuries and only mission is to infiltrate the targets.

The Russian side has not given any comment.

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