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Lost data you would do? Save data? thanks for your friends loved ones? to save the data center?

Normally the loss of individual data, the organ of the Organization, often thought to save the data, but this DIY or thanks to other people do? To check the exact situation you can refer to the article “Guide to handle some situations error hard drive corrupted data loss” before deciding to get help. 

With the case of the drive data loss in the event of (ghost, format, delete, virus, lost partition format …) then we can resolve themselves with free software to recover the data on the network. Whether one makes in this case has a “thing” no that is not copy data saved when checked the data has been read or not? There have been so many customers thanks to friends, relatives, a computer repair shop to restore data in this case. However most customers return a bunch of error data that is not read because people do not yet have the experience after running the software will find the file, the folder data they copy directly back to the hard drive Therefore, the recovery process and the new copying process will simultaneously make, new data written to, the recovery process will restore the new record in each with the lost data-> data out completely unreadable 

With the physical error hard drive case (sorry, sorry…) Physics error then the best way is through a reputable data recovery test and do for you. Because here there is enough equipment and supplies to recover the data. What is the difference between bring to save data and computer repair shop, individuals. -With the hard drive data loss in the event of (ghost, format, delete, virus, lost partition format…)

+ Individuals, phuc hoi du lieu young travelers: can the cost will be lower than 1 several hundred thousand. However there will be no full software, recovery equipment. If lack of experience probably falls into the case is to copy things not considered overrides the data on the hard drive, your storage device makes the data can not be recovered

+ Professional Center with phuc hoi du lieu, cuu du lieu, the costs for a ca Save this case data is never low, from several hundred thousand to several million. However the likelihood of success will be higher, to avoid the error copy error data override back to the hard drive when the data unreadable or missing out. 

-With the fire bug, hard drive, the best reader device to transfer data rescue Center. + Individuals, computer repair shop: not enough materials and equipment are very hard to be able to recover the data, the environment instead of from is not guaranteed, there is no dedicated server does not read the data out. The success rate is not high and the risk of being hard drive removable disk from scratch, distortions caused. … leads to the data could not be restored.

+ Center for professional data recovery: full of supplies, equipment, the likelihood of success for the American rescue your data. Always try out the ability to recover data, not as severely damaged. However, the cost for a ca to save the data here will be higher.


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