6 tips to prevent enterprise data loss

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In fact, the risk of data loss can come from those in the internal business or organization. Typical service Gary Min in 2007, this name has stolen a total of company data is equivalent to 400 million dollars, although earlier Gary Min is considered an aggressive staff. This is just one of many incidents of data loss are clear investigation. To avoid this risk cases, the experts give the following advice to businesses and organisations to prevent data loss condition:

To control data
Instead of controlling all types of data makes you sometimes disturbances and can not remember clearly, please classify each data layer and pick out the most suitable control rules for each category. Now there are a lot of your tool provider va locate important data like Reconnex, Tablus, Websense. Companies can prevent data loss by using this tool, split the data into different types according to the provisions set out.

Mobile content monitoring
The majority of the companies currently are using the website in trade transactions and associated with multiple networks belong to partners, suppliers, customers, … Content monitoring is important in the core data protection strategy. There are many manufacturers such as Vontu Inc., Oakley, Websence, … sells a range of products with functional testing, reviewing email, the messages, the process post web, … in order to detect infringing activity data or violation of company rules.

Note these files may contain important information
The experts said that to effectively prevent data loss, data leaks reached optimal, should not just stop at knowing who is accessing the database. You have to know when, where, how and why they made this access. There are many products designed to help you know the user or admin is working on a database with exclusive access, edit, copy, delete, or download the files, or put out the warning when someone tries to perform the operation on.

Limited user privileges
Imperva’s Technology Director said that the data access monitoring and tracking of access is not specified with dangerously high levels of data are indispensable steps. Create the access rules to limit the privileges of the user closely. Only allow access to the corresponding data layer necessary for the work of each user.

Interest to the last point
The rapid development of technological devices such as laptop, ipad, USB memory cards, … has created the conditions for data theft activities take place more easily. The company should develop operational control and centralized monitoring. In it, the device must be connected to the network and business systems explicitly for the manipulation of data such as download, upload, archive location.

Centralized data copyright
For a company, especially large companies, the protection of intellectual copyrights need to be focused in a resource library to can easily prevent leakage, security, data loss. This is also a convenient and safety measures when sharing information.


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